I’ve actually been curious: How well/ how easily reversible is the gummy bear glue? Was thinking about how well it would or wouldn’t work for veneering, as compared to boiling down a non-gummy based animal.

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When I use animal protein adhesives for bookbinding I use a little mug warmer which lets you set the temperature. It was fairly cheap from Amazon, takes up less space on the bench than my water jacket glue pot and I don’t have to worry about it going dry. I keep my glue in little Japanese lunch things that are stainless and about the size of a short mug. They have a plastic lid with a seal and cost a few dollars each at the supermarket. Straight from the fridge to the mug warmer and back again.

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There once was a sailor from Mazores

Snapped his oarlock when ordered to “raise oars!”

He spat up the gummy

That roiled his tummy

And fixed it, then rowed to the Azores

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It's addictive. And more fun than taxes.

There once was a man from Nantucket

Made a stick chair but added a bucket,

Carved out the seat’s middle

To pass shit and piddle,

Called it “stool box” and told me to suck it.

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There was a young man from Eau Claire

Who was having his girl in a chair.

But the furniture broke

On the thirty-fourth stroke,

And his gun went off in the air.

You made this neuron fire. Now I can't stop.

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A happily married young pair

Were having a bout in a chair.

On a powerful thrust

The furniture bust,

But at that point they didn't much care.

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There was an old harlot named Sue

Who filled her vagina with glue

She said with a grin,

"They paid to get in.

Now they'll pay to get out again too."

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Is it acceptable to post glue-related dirty limericks?

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I asked ChatGPT to write a Limerick and here's what I got:

There once was a sailor from Mazores,

Whose boat was in need of repairs.

He reached for the glue,

And stuck it like new,

Now his vessel is fit for more tours.

I then asked it to add some innuendo and it declined.

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Feb 28·edited Feb 28

There once was a sailor from Mazores

He used cheap hide glue of course

His seat did split

And the tenon did fit

But in backside - tighter than before(s)

(Sorry, I'm not usually much for limericks)

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Does anyone know what is chemically going on during the cooking process? And what the salt does?

I always like to know WHY I’m doing some process.

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“…who put hide glue on all of his sores;”

(Sorry, can’t get the rest to work).

Will try the glue. Thanks!

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The buried lede in this post is that you found a way to make purpleheart look good.

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There once was a sailor form Mazores

Who claimed he could paddle without oars

He broke his arms when he ran aground

And couldn't fix them with collagen or gummy bear glue

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Some day, I'd appreciate a rumination on Hold Heet glue pot alternatives. Hold Heets are I possible to find, and a couple of the wax-warmer alternatives I've tried can't hold a steady temperature. I used my Hold Heet to warm finish as well as glue. Sadly, Peet is now defunct.

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There once was a sailor from Mazores

with a penchant for the woods that are ring-porous

he would use it to make chairs

that he glued with gummi-bears

then write articles explaining it all for us

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